SEL Lesson Sets

Educational Tools For Girls Ages 8-12. Flexible For Any Group Size.

Our stories of 10 exemplary women from history emphasize their positive traits and life lessons to help inspire your girl.

Our Grace & Grit Curriculum is designed for small groups, responsive services and after school programs however it can be scaled to meet your needs. Its objective is to help girls understand their worth and potential. It is a turn-key curriculum based on women in history. There is very little prep, and it offers a flexible structure to help with time management during your busy day.

Each curriculum theme includes a Grace & Grit SEL Lesson Set filled with discussion materials and activities for each girl. She'll receive an Activity Journal with stories, challenges and discussion questions, Play-It-Forward Cards and other activities to keep her inspired.

  • Written for all 3rd- through 6th-grade female students
  • Designed by a school counselor with your needs in mind
  • Adaptable to small group goals
  • Can be used for Responsive Services, Individual Student Planning or School Counseling Core Curriculum