Grace & Grit was founded by former school counselor, Heather Stark, as a means to inspire young girls to live their dreams. As a young girl, Heather believed she needed to conform to culture’s standards of what and who a girl should be: perfect body, perfect emotions, perfect face. This thought process ultimately left her empty, leading to destructive habits that held far too much control over her life. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she felt empowered enough to embrace her authentic self and charge forward into a life of helping girls.

Knowing that no girl should waste time living a life of doubt, Heather uses the wisdom gained from her own life experiences to help girls find and feel comfortable with their true spirits through Grace & Grit.

As a former educator and school counselor, Heather understands the challenges facing teachers and counselors: not enough time, not enough resources and a growing body of young girls who need to be supported so they may overcome negative pressures and self-doubt. That’s why she developed the Grace & Grit Curriculum and the individual gift boxes.

Today, Grace & Grit’s aim is to enable counselors, parents and group leaders by providing a turnkey tool that helps them reach girls in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. Through the Curriculum and our gift boxes, we help open up a conversation around positive and empowering character traits.

About The Founder

Heather Stark

Heather Stark is the founder of Grace & Grit. With a master’s in school counseling from Dallas Baptist University and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of North Texas, Heather has dedicated her career to inspiring confidence in girls of all ages. She is trained in crisis management and has won awards and grants during her time serving school districts, including the Girl Scouts 2018 Women of Distinction Discovery Award and the Knights of Columbus Humanitarian Award in 2019.


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