Our stories of 10 exemplary women from history emphasize their positive traits and life lessons to help inspire your girl.

For home educators, our products can function as a themed unit study based on a woman from history, a specific time period or as a single character trait. The Lesson Guide is packed with expanded stories and additional information to spark your own ideas for enhancing the lesson based on her interests.

You can purchase a set that includes all of the materials you need to lead girls through a complete lesson or you can purchase individual items to compliment your curriculum.


Each unit-study includes a Grace & Grit set filled with discussion materials and activities for your girl. A Box Set comes with an Activity Booklet that includes stories, challenges and discussion questions. Your girl will also receive a set of Play-It-Forward cards, a handmade accessory and a G&G charm.

Our Lesson Sets are similar to the Box Sets but they do not include the accessories or the charms. These are a great choice if you are limited on time or if your budget is a slightly smaller.

  • Written for all 3rd- through 6th-grade girls
  • Designed by a school counselor with your needs in mind
  • Adaptable to your preferred lesson pace
  • Scalable for co-op groups

Additional Products

Motivational Journal


While our Character Sets concentrate on Women in History, our SWG journals focus on your girl's social and emotional well-being. Each journal set is designed to help her advocate for herself, promote inclusion and body positivity, and challenge her to choose grace for herself and others daily. Start With Grace includes a journal focusing on one of our character traits along with four motivational cards that complement each weekly activity.

G&G Times


Our G&G Times gives women the representation in history they deserve. It's perfect as a gift or to complement any of our other products. This product focuses on some of the world’s most historical events and the women who helped shape them.



One of our new products is a more robust biography of each historical woman in our collection. Each biography averages between 3,000-4,000 words. We dug into each historical figure's life, expanded our research and gave her story additional historical facts and quotes. The biographies also dive deeper into the character traits assigned to our historical women. It gives the reader a clearer understanding of what the character trait means, and how that trait was important in the woman’s life. In return, your girl will have a deeper understanding of how that character trait can help her live her life to the fullest.