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Gracefully Strong by Grace & Grit

Gracefully Strong is a self-esteem program created to help develop a positive sense of self in girls ages 10-14. This group program used by schools, churches and other organizations is designed to show girls how inner strength and self-worth are nurtured through healthy physical and emotional choices.

Using hands-on activities and discussions across a 14-week series, self-esteem is broken down into simple forms so girls learn how it looks, sounds and feels. Girls create tools to help them navigate a challenging, yet critical, phase of social and emotional development.


Each participant receives her own journal to guide her through each weekly lesson. Inside, she will have space to do all her writing and save her activities.


  • 1 Program Guide
  • 6 Classroom Posters
  • 14 Activities
  • 1-on-1 Prep Session With The Co-founder Heather Stark
  • Parent Communication
  • 1 Journal Per Girl
Gracefully Strong

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Lesson Goals

Understanding self-esteem and why it is important.
Learning how to vocalize thoughts and deal with self-doubt.
Realizing how the media manipulate photos of women to sell products and ideas.
Understanding how drama and gossip damage self-esteem and relationships.
Comprehending the importance of setting goals
Understanding the meaning of grace and how to show it when mistakes are made.
Learning how the power of self-esteem and positive body image work together to create confidence.
Discovering how to celebrate their authentic selves.
Understanding the importance of being trustworthy.
Learning what it means to “belong” versus simply “fitting in.”


Sessions are held one day per week for 14 weeks.

They last 45-60 minutes and can be held during the school day or directly after school. The maximum group size is 20 girls. A group this size or smaller creates a feeling of safety and fosters the best participation among girls.

Our Story

Gracefully Strong was created by former school counselor Heather Stark after she started noticing how female students experienced self-doubt that impeded them socially and academically, often leading to unhealthy behaviors. This self-esteem curriculum is designed to empower girls with “brain tools” to help them safely navigate moments of doubt, difficulty with friendships, social-media influences and pop culture’s definitions of beauty. It has been used in schools since 2015, with results showing 80% of girls experience increased self-esteem and self-worth after completing the program.