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These products have been curated for a general audience. They will make an excellent birthday, holiday or "just because" gift. The sweet girl who receives this gift will absorb a powerful history lesson that she can apply to her life, leaving her feeling confident, wise, or courageous.

Lesson Summary

Confidence means believing in yourself. Sometimes confidence can be a fleeting feeling that girls are always chasing. Learning to believe in one’s self is an important life lesson. This lesson gives a real-life example of women who stepped into their confidence at a time of war. It helps girls understand the importance of confidence and how to incorporate the character trait into their lives and relationships.

Character Trait


Confidence is the belief in one’s self. The most disheartening realization in this confidence quest is that parents, teachers and role models can’t simply give girls confidence. Confidence is a gift the women of tomorrow must give to themselves now.

Unfortunately, confidence isn’t just a goal that is reached and then marked off one’s to-do list. Confidence is a goal that needs to be maintained. Several times a day, girls may need to adjust their self-talk and remind themselves to believe in their worth and abilities. Keeping confidence is work. Sometimes it’s tiring work. Sometimes it’s “I don’t even want to try” work. All of this is even more of a reason to keep inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to work and maintain confidence..

The most powerful feature about confidence is that it blossoms into so many other character traits. From confidence comes perseverance, vision, courage, empathy, tenacity, wisdom, curiosity, devotion and authenticity. When women open the gates of confidence, they enable it to flow into the lives of others and feed the inspiration of other girls, growing leadership and trust among them. Confidence is the building block of empowerment for all girls.

Why Rosie The Riveter?

Rosie the Riveter is one of the few history lessons on WWII that involves women. It's the story of women rising up to support a nation as they built airplanes and became the backbone of our country while men (and many women) joined the global war.

The power of Rosie the Riveter is that her job didn’t exist until WWII, so the opportunity for this type of empowerment didn’t exist. For once in her life, a woman was encouraged to get dirty and greasy and to wear the signs of her hard work as a badge of honor. A nation called out, “You can do it!” and a culture of women shouted back, “We know!” Rosie shows us that confident women know they can work outside their comfort zones. These women knew they could fly, even before being allowed the opportunity to build a plane. Confident women are confident in their abilities.

Knowing the story of Rosie is knowing how confidence rises. This is a history lesson unlike any other. It’s a flight of confidence. Come aboard, girls; you can do it!

Lesson Overview

Table of Contents

Section 1: Preparatory Reading
Introduction from Heather Stark: Why Rosie The Riveter?
The Journey of Rosie The Riveter's Life
Character Trait: Confidence
Lesson Contents

Section 2: Group Activity Guide
Timeline Poster
Illustrated Portrait
Activity Booklet (Reading Section)
Content Discovery
Activity Booklet (Question Section) & Biography Workbook
Play-It-Forward Cards

Section 3: Closing Discussion Guide
Closing Discussion Questions