Harriet was born into slavery decades before the Civil War and, even as a young girl, she was beaten by her plantation owner. She’d had enough. She risked her life to reach the free North, only to return time and again to the South — relying on her courage, the North Star and the Underground Railroad — to lead 300 slaves to their freedom during her lifetime.



A Facilitator Guide* to walk you through all aspects of
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A Timeline Poster* featuring highlights of the woman's life.

A Grace & Grit box including:
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- Personal letter of encouragement from founder, Heather Stark
- Custom Illustration of the featured woman
- Play-It-Forward Cards to extend the lesson to the broader community around her
- A "Grace & Grit" Charm to serve as a discussion point and reminder of the lesson
- Handmade garment or gift related to the theme


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