Even as a young girl whose family owned a plantation with many slaves, Sarah knew it was wrong for one person to claim ownership of another. And her frustration only grew as she discovered she was not allowed the same academic pursuits as her brothers. She decided to embrace her authentic self — leaving her childhood home for the North to become a Quaker, an abolitionist and an advocate of women’s rights.



A Facilitator Guide* to walk you through all aspects of
the lesson, including background reading, the discussion questions and

A Timeline Poster* featuring highlights of the woman's life.

A Grace & Grit box including:
- Workbook to bring the story and conversation to life.
- Personal letter of encouragement from founder, Heather Stark
- Custom Illustration of the featured woman
- Play-It-Forward Cards to extend the lesson to the broader community around her
- A "Grace & Grit" Charm to serve as a discussion point and reminder of the lesson
- Handmade garment or gift related to the theme


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