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We are excited to offer a new summer-camp series
featuring four fun events. Designed for girls ages 8-12,
this series gives girls tools they can use to access the confidence to become self-assured, strong young women. Come to all four or choose just one. Each one-and-a-half-hour session will feature an interactive Grace & Grit lesson — focused on that day’s historical heroine.

Summer-Camp Series | Fort Worth, TX

Tenacity with Kate Warne

Mon, July 25

When Kate Warne walked into Allan Pinkerton’s office looking for a job, she wasn’t seeking clerical work. Kate wanted to become
a detective … and she wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer! Kate relied on her tenacity — refusing to let go when she was focused on
a goal.

Solve the clues and find the stolen treasures in the spirit of our country’s first woman detective.

Perseverance with Wilma Rudolph

Tue, July 26

Rasied in a time of racial tension and attempting to overcome polio, Wilma Rudolph’s perseverance earned her several Olympic medals — and gave her a platform from which to encourage inclusivity even as she helped other young athletes.

Become a track star with an activity inspired by the first woman to win three gold medals in an Olympic sport.

Wisdom with Sacagawea

Wed, July 27

When explorers Lewis and Clark forged a path to the Pacific Ocean, a wise 16-year-old Native American girl named Sacagawea would help to lead them. Not only did she become a symbol of peace on their journey but also a trusted healer who relied on her knowledge of the earth and its gifts to keep the group safe across thousands of miles.

Honor nature’s gifts with an activity based on the most famous Indigenous tour guide.

Curiosity with Dr. Marie Curie

Thu, July 28

In a time that forbade women attending college, Marie Curie sought out an “underground” university to satisfy her hunger for learning. As a result, the brilliant scientist made great steps for women in this early STEM movement, discovering two periodic-table elements while working to advance existing x-ray technology.

Explore the world of science as we pay tribute to the first woman to win two Nobel prizes.


  • One-and-a-half-hour session led by G&G team member.

  • Activity journal to bring the story and conversation to life.

  • Custom illustration of the featured woman.

  • Play-It-Forward cards to extend the lesson to the broader community.

  • A beautifully illustrated poster showing the figure’s life journey.


The Morningstar Amenities Center

128 Heather Wind Lane Aledo, Texas 76008