Grace & Grit


For group events or individualized attention, the Grace & Grit Curriculum is designed to help counselors and group leaders inspire confidence in the girls they lead.

Our approach is different than most curriculum for counseling programs. It's hands-on and all-inclusive.

Each participant receives her own lesson set with everything she needs to start becoming the empowered girl you know she can be.

  • Written for all 3rd through 6th-grade female students
  • Designed by a school counselor with your needs in mind
  • Adaptable to small group goals
  • Can be used for Responsive Services, Individual Planning or Group Guidance Lessons
  • All lessons are based on ASCA Student Standards
  • Includes Permission slips, certificate of completion and post-lesson surveys
  • Scalable to your group size and lesson pace

ASCA Student Standards

  • A:A1 | Improve Academic Self-Concept
  • A:A2 | Acquire Skills for Improving Learning
  • A:A3 | Achieve School Success
  • A:B1 | Improve Learning
  • PS:A1 | Acquire Self Knowledge
  • PS:A2 | Acquire Interpersonal Skills
  • PS:B1 | Self Knowledge Application
  • C:A1 | Develop Career Awareness

What is Included with My Purchase?

  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Timeline Posters
  • Lesson Sets
  • Tote Bags