Curriculum Starter Set | $250.00

For the facilitator:

  • The Overview Guide: applies to the Curriculum as a whole and provides guidance on how to use/apply the lessons
  • 3 Facilitator Guides (one per theme): This is the guide specific to the lesson 
  • 3 Timeline Posters (one per theme): This displays the life journey of the character
  • 3 Tote Bags to use as giveaways
  • Permission Slip for Participants (for duplication)
  • Post Curriculum Survey (for duplication)
  • Certificate of Completion (for duplication)

For the participants: 5 Lesson Sets per theme (15 sets total) to provide resources for up to 5 girls. Additional sets can be ordered as needed. Each Lesson Set contains the items described below.

  • Story & Activity Journal
  • Play-it-Forward Cards
  • Illustrated Portrait 
  • Letter from the Founder

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