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Caitlin Haacke | How to Make Positivity Stick


Caitlin is changing the world, one Post-It Note at a time. At age 16, she originated Positive Post-It Day. She created the event to put an end to bullying after a bully urged her to die. Positive Post-It Day has grown to an international level and is celebrated in countries such as Japan, Brazil, England, and the United Arab Emirates. Her CBC National news segment has received millions of views.


As an anti-bullying advocate, Caitlin has spoken to thousands of kids, adults and the elderly across the world about combating bullying with positivity. In addition, she empowers youth to change their world by treating others with kindness, respect and empathy. Caitlin truly believes that positivity and kindness can stop bullying as well as solve world issues like homelessness, world hunger and violence.

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