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Victoria And Her Artistic Vision

The first thing I noticed about Victoria Grace was her talent. She was one of the featured artists at our local Art Gallery's Monthly Sip and Shop. Victoria painted a simple seahorse on the front of a greeting card, and it spoke volumes to me. Nothing more was needed than that one seahorse. She knew it was enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is confidence.


I asked her about her art; she gave clear, concise, wise answers. She was in a bit of a hurry to make the cards, but it didn't seem to fluster her. She knew it would all come together; no need to panic. She reminded me of a young Rosie the Riveter, up for a challenge with relaxed confidence radiating from her spirit. I admired the way she owned her talent and wanted to share it with her world. I sent her cards to friends, who later sent me messages about how much they loved the beautiful, artsy simplicity.


I went back the following month, hoping to find her. She was there with octopus cards this time. She let me choose the colors I wanted for the octopuses. I went with teal and pink. I left to wander around, and, when I came back, she was done and speaking to other artists about their work.


The world needs more confident spirits like Victoria Grace — girls who aren't afraid to own their talent, share it, and benefit monetarily from it, all while earnestly caring about the talent of others. Victoria was a breath of fresh air. As for those octopus greeting cards, I'm not using them on just anybody. They will be sent to someone who has the same spirit as Victoria: a cool, confident woman ready to use her skills to make the world a better place.