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Fatima And Her Poetic Wisdom

Then there was this one time a 10-year-old girl left me speechless. Meet Fatima, a published poet, teacher and humanitarian. We at Grace & Grit first heard about her when her mother emailed us, wanting to share the greatness that is her daughter. I did some research and was immediately inspired by this girl with a passionate spirit who was determined to spread her love of poetry and wildlife to the world while saving humanity.


Interviewing Fatima was an honor. She left me energized and determined to dream bigger. She writes with an urgency, as though she wants everyone to quickly understand the beauty that is all around them. She reads her poetry with enthusiasm, lifting her words from their pages as they conjure up mental images in one’s mind. Her worldliness reminded me that sometimes the wisest people among us are the youngest.


Fatima’s perspective dives deep. She sees the small details the rest of us miss. She feels the beauty of nature and empathizes with those around her. She brought out the best in me and helped me remember why I started this company and how one girl can, indeed, change the world.

Fatima Mohammed
California (moving to Texas August 2021)
Art, Poetry, Running, Hiking, Interacting with Animals, Reading
Favorite Food
Butter chicken
Least Favorite Food
Anything spicy
Something I am learning to do
Memorize Qur'an, spirography
Favorite Book
The Ranger's Apprentice series
How I would describe myself
Artsy, Playful, Social, Poetic, Friendly, Wild about the wild.