Have you seen the movie “Hidden Figures?” This 2016 film told the story of three African-American women whose work made the 1962 Friendship 7 launch a success. Throughout their careers at NASA, they broke barriers for African-American women – but many people hadn’t heard their stories until the film came out.


There have been all kinds of barrier-breaking women throughout history whose stories aren’t heard as often as they should be. One of these women is Kate Warne, the focus of our most recent Grace and Grit box.


Kate walked into the office of one of America’s most famous detectives with a request for a job. But she wasn’t asking for a secretarial position. She wanted to be a detective herself – talking with people, observing clues and solving cases for the good of her country. Her desire to be a detective was surprising to other investigators in this male-dominated industry. Even though Kate might have been nervous about her bold request, it’s been said that her eyes were “filled with fire” as she discussed the reasons she was suited for this unconventional job.


While women occupy all sorts of jobs in today’s world, it’s that type of fire we can cultivate within ourselves as tenacity. Kate needed tenacity even after she pursued (and obtained) the role of detective. She had to persevere when she encountered tough cases and needed to befriend individuals to learn information from them. Though women couldn’t even vote at the time, Kate used her tenacity to plow through the barriers people had set for her.


In this box, you’ll find a few items to help cultivate your tenacity. Having a journal and hip-pocket carrier allows you to think on your feet and always have something to capture your thoughts and feelings. Taking time to write things down, reflecting on them and thinking of how you want to act in response can help you be tenacious when you might want to give in.


Even though you might not be solving crimes as a detective or calculating flight paths as part of NASA, you can be driven, curious and tenacious in your daily life. Use this month’s Grace and Grit box and think of Kate Warne to fuel your spirit and keep you going when times get tough.