I absolutely love it when somebody suggests a likely candidate to feature in a Grace & Grit box. It is an utter privilege to research her, find her spirit, dust off her characteristics, and examine what qualities make her the perfect hero for our girls. I know almost right away if she is full of grace and grit because there is an immediate connection that comes through as I read her story. Many people ask me what it takes to be featured as a Grace & Grit hero, so I’ve put together a few things that I look for when researching potential women.


Overcoming the Harshness of Life

The first discovery I make about a Grace & Grit woman is her, well, grit. Grit is an exciting character trait because you get it from learning how to overcome the harshness of life. I’ve realized that the unpleasant realities make us appreciate the grace when it comes along. Grit is accepting that life can be hard and uncomfortable, but it helps you understand that it takes courage to stand for what you believe in and keep moving forward.


Understanding Your Full Potential

When females use grit to serve others, grace ensues. Grace usually is found in a Grace & Grit woman’s purpose. Grace helps you realize you are more than any failure you may experience. Grace says you are destined for great things and you have the potential to change the world.


Inspiring and Leading Those Around You

Inspiration is the third qualifier when considering a Grace & Grit woman. When I read her story, am I inspired to live my life with courage? Does her story leave me wanting to do better and be better? Does she make me believe in my own potential? If the answer is “yes,” then this is a true Grace & Grit woman. She needs to be a role model for our girls and her achievements should motivate others to accomplish their goals.

When these three attributes align, I know that these are the women worthy of being your daughters’ and my daughter’s heroes. These are the women we want to share their spirit and life experiences with our daughters, inspiring them to live their own lives full of grace and grit.