The creation of a Grace & Grit Box is an exploratory journey with several checkpoints. I have talked before about how we know when we come across a Grace & Grit Hero, but that is the starting point for the journey. That puts us on the path, but not for very long – because the very next step of the journey determines whether this lady has the potential to continue the trek.


People who make a difference in our world are noticed, and the public loves them. We want to tell their stories; however, we must remember they have family members and loved ones who want to make sure the legacies of these women are maintained. So, Grace & Grit seeks permission from the families or people whose job it is to ensure a particular woman’s impact on history is protected and that businesses who want to tell her story do so in a respectful manner. Once we receive permission, we are clear to proceed.


After reading her story and fully understanding her impact, I spend some time thinking about what character traits this particular woman possesses and what is the biggest lesson young girls could gain from her. Is it her wisdom, courage, devotion? What speaks to my heart about her mission? This is the first point in our journey that I pause. This isn’t to be rushed. Once I am secure in her character trait, we tell her story.


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to tell her entire story. All lives have a timeline and, when we study each other's timelines, we usually see the big events that shaped us and made us who we are. I strive to capture these moments in time and describe them briefly, but always accurately. Once her story is written, I go back and make sure her story and the character trait align. When a girl reads the story of a Grace & Grit Woman, her character trait must be crystal clear. This is what the box is built around – a clear understanding of her character and how grace and grit thread through her story to bind it all together.


From her story and from the character trait, I draw four activities for the girls and their trusted adult to do. This is meant to be a moment for the girl and her favorite adult to bond over, open the lines of communication, and foster a positive connection. The Play-it-Forward cards are specifically designed to nudge girls out of their comfort zones because, when this kind of freedom occurs, wonderful growth happens.


The charms and the garment are a super-fun part of the box; after all, those are the pieces the girl will wear to remind her to be confident, own her worth and change the world. They are a bit like a superhero cape. We talk with our local artisans who make these pieces and tell them about the message of the box and give them some ideas, and they come back with some more designs that we slowly narrow down to find the accessory and charm we think is meaningful, beautiful and classic. Our artisans pray over each item, asking for it to inspire its recipient.


Our super-talented illustrator does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of each woman we pick. We find several different pictures of the woman and send them her way and she sends a line drawing for us to approve. Once we approve it, she adds the color and sends it back. It is a work of magic!


After everything is written and edited we send the information to our printer, where it is printed and ready for pickup within several weeks. Everything is stored in our warehouse and we assemble the boxes, add the mailers, charm and accessory, ask a blessing for each girl who receives the box, and then off to the post office we go!


By sharing our histories, both the good and the bad, we remind one another we are not alone. When we share the stories of our Grace & Grit women, we empower our daughters to live their dreams. Our goal is to teach the women of our future how to find their inner strength and to know their self-worth. It is because of you, our subscribers, that we are able to do this – one box at a time.