There came a day she finally had to give into the voice - the voice that nagged, that wouldn’t quit, that said “There is more - there has to be more. There is equality waiting, there are dreams, there is a mountain I must climb.”

She woke up and decided today was the day she would say the things that had to be said, that had to be breathed into the world. She had to be real and brave and vulnerable. She had to find out what she was made of. She had to try, because to not try was to deny herself and deny her gender a chance at rising above the fray.

That day she took a deep breath and said it, did it, breathed it, and fully lived it. She defied, she cried, she laughed, but most importantly - she dared. She changed the world and made an impact that changed the course the history. Her name written in the books and her triumphs and tribulations are recorded in history, but only after they were sometimes ridiculed in her lifetime.

This month we applaud her. March is Women’s History month. Take time this month to look around and find a woman who stood her ground, made a difference, changed history, made life better for you, for me, for us. Take a moment to relish this thought - she woke up one day and decided you deserved better, you deserved equality. And so she fought for you.

This month we celebrate the female power and determination that helped women achieve this progress. We are all part of a great team - team ToGetHer. It is an honor to be part of this team where all females are welcomed and encouraged.

Who will you fight for this month? Who will you be brave for this month? Who will you encourage this month? Take time to look at your female teammates. Support them this month, celebrate them always, and above all else, celebrate yourself.