I write a lot about learning to be good with failure, showing grace and being determined to live big, and they are great goals to aspire to. However, as I type this blog I am sitting watching a photo shoot for our new box design and website and I am swallowing my pride in what should feel like a big moment. Why? because I dropped the ball on it on my responsibilities for this shoot.


I tripped (figuratively speaking) and landed on my knees and by the grace of my business partner we found a way to keep going.I am usually not a ball dropper. I will push myself beyond my limits to make it appear that life is a perfect blend of awesome and efficiency with a hint of hustle. My business partner likes to say this type of work is akin to ducks moving across the water. You never see how hard he is paddling his feet. Today, everyone saw how hard I was paddling my feet. I was all kinds of flawed. In no way was I awesome.


When it comes to photoshoots, turns out there are a lot of ways to screw up.

First, I had the wrong time for the photo shoot. I also forgot to tell the business partner that I didn’t have several charms and I forgot one of the accessories. As I made mistake after mistake, I may or may not have said several ungraceful words out of embarrassment. But if I want to live honestly and as big as I inspire girls to do, my only choice was to face it, own it and find the lessons to be learned.


First, I am sure my mess ups were frustrating for others. So, let me publicly apologize for dropping the ball…. and the accessories.


Ugh, Dear Lord thank you for grace. Here are the lessons I learned — one, it is way easier to show grace then accept grace. Accepting it means I messed up. But mess ups happen and we have to learn to be accepting of them. Two, today I had the chance to be real and flawed and learn to give myself grace. Grace upon grace upon grace. Third, mess ups are uncomfortably good for the soul. Mess ups remind you that you am worthy of grace. This lesson is a lesson for all the females out there, so I’ll say it again: you are worthy of grace.


The world didn’t fall apart. Once I moved the emotion out of the way and I could see clearly, we did some creative problem solving and the end result was great. The photo shoot was fun (once I swallowed my jagged-edged pride) and we had lots of laughs. As I sat and watched I had time to write a few blogs….which I have also fallen behind on.  But beyond that, it was a chance for me to understand how to be flawsome (my new favorite word, thanks Pinterest).  Awesome is, at times, unattainable. But flawsome, flawsome is something I can do, and fortunately or unfortunately I can do really well.


I will accept that I am flawed but that will not take away from my ability to still be awesome at life as a whole. I don’t have to choose one over the other, and neither do you. So, here is my lesson today — embrace the flawsome in yourself. Believe that flawsome is the real and gritty version of awesome and keep going.


Here’s your mantra for next week: Today I was flawsome and that was enough


Can someone print this on a shirt for me?