Submit your nominations here starting Monday, June 5! 

A piece of our hearts goes into every Grace & Grit box. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Creating each box is our favorite way to be inspired and excited about all of the great things we want to teach our girls. Our team works tirelessly to choose the best figure, learn her story and pull everything together to bring the box to life. Imagining the excitement and intrigue each girl feels when working through the box is what fuels us to keep going.  


But the creation process can sometimes feel one-sided. That’s part of the reason we’re kicking off The Nominate Her Challenge – a unique opportunity for one girl to join us on the journey of bringing a new box to life. She’ll have the chance to nominate the next female figure to be featured in a Grace & Grit box and to help drive the box-design process with us. Hearing from the girls is the most important feedback we could ever get. What better way to find out more about the girls who experience Grace & Grit than letting them dream up their own box idea?


To us, it’s about far more than a box idea. It’s the person behind the idea who truly matters. We’re interested in finding out who today’s girls see as relevant, inspiring, strong and confident. Each of the women who came before us has something to teach about these values. They all have so much to say.


As part of our challenge, girls will be making videos with their parents about the historical female figure they admire. They’ll spend time sharing ideas of the perfect person, they’ll discuss the various traits that demonstrate grace and grit and they’ll work to dream up items to include in the box that will make another girl’s eyes light up. Looking for a starting point? In our blog, we’ve talked about why we’ve chosen a few women featured in our current boxes and we’ve also highlighted Three Traits of Every Grace & Grit Hero to help get your daughter’s wheels turning.  

We hope to see a lot of fantastic new ideas submitted, but only one person can be selected for the next box. The girl with the selected figure will join us to assist in the creative process, but we hope the process of the challenge will be transformational for each girl who submits a figure, no matter which one is selected. We hope each girl learns her ideas matter. We hope each girl is filled with the same worth, strength and tenacity as the women we feature. And, who knows – maybe we’ll see more than one of these inspirational characters brought back to life in the future.


The possibilities of this challenge are exciting! We’re ready to see your smiles, hear your voices and watch girls and parents work together to celebrate the iconic women who mean something in their lives. We’re ready to see confidence bloom and to celebrate your ideas.


Are you ready to Nominate Her? The challenge will start Monday, June 5, and will end Friday, June 30. During that time, we want you to submit a video of your daughter on our website letting us know who she is nominating and why. We will announce our selection the week of July 10 and will begin production in August. The fun thing about this challenge is that we want you and your daughter to be involved from start to finish – from conceptualization to creation and everything in between. The brains behind the box – your daughter – will get to experience behind-the-scenes action of how her idea comes to life.