Ruts. We all have them — yes, even entrepreneurs! Days where every step feels like a drag and weeks where you just feel, well, unmotivated. Stuck. In a rut!


That’s been me this week. Not blue, just bleh. Even in my mission to help these incredible girls learn skills and self-assuredness, sometimes I get mired in the mud of the day-to-day. It’s at times like these I think about Sacagawea.


Ladies, there’s a reason this incredible woman was commemorated with her own gold coin. Not only was she the sole woman to help lead Lewis and Clark through the dangerous wilderness on their journey to the West Coast, but she also started the expedition with a two-month-old baby! Can you imagine? Do you think she had the luxury of ruts? It must have been tiresome, caring for a baby and training the men how to forage for food and survive the expedition. Yet she could not give up, or the explorers would fail — or, even worse, the group could perish in the wilderness.


It is for this reason she is the symbol for our girls’ box on Wisdom. I think, in the end, it was her wisdom and foresight that saw her through her ruts. Wisdom is more than knowledge. It’s a soundness of mind that drives us forward and helps us make good decisions while leading our own journeys. Most of us won’t walk thousands of miles like Sacagawea, but we will have to make a thousand decisions that could lead us deeper into — or out of — our ruts.


So, as I pray for wisdom to get out of this trench, I’ll try and do what Sacagawea did for Lewis and Clark: choose a direction and take myself toward it, one step at a time.