At G&G, there is one quality we highlight in our boxes that’s the most important of them all — confidence. Curiosity, inner strength, wisdom and all the other virtues I want all young girls to have come from the same place — a belief that they can do anything. That’s why, with each new subscription, your girl’s first box contains the story of Rosie the Riveter. Rosie was not just one person, of course, she was the symbol of working women everywhere during WWII who tells us all, “We can do it!”


But what exactly IS confidence? How do we, as moms and grown women, use it? An article from Psychology Todaygave me some answers:


“If you're confident, you're going to be motivated, relaxed, focused, and have mostly positive emotions. In contrast, if you lack confidence, you will likely feel unmotivated, stressed, distracted, and experiencing mostly negative emotions.”


When I read this definition, I know I want those things! Motivation, calmness, focus? Yes, please! But, how to get there? Something I learned from this same article is a new perspective on confidence. It’s not a “thing” you have or don’t; it’s a muscle you can either use and grow — or not. Even though it doesn’t feel that way sometimes, we have control over how much confidence we have by either choosing to work hard and think positively, working that muscle of “go me!” — or we can let it deteriorate.


So ladies, here is my challenge to myself: I’m gonna work that muscle of confidence so I can flex it like Rosie when times get tough. The Psychology Today article talks about making your confidence grow by:


  • Having a good support system
  • Always being prepared
  • Looking for the little wins every day


Subscribe to the Rosie The Riveter box today and practice these three things to help your confidence grow stronger. Together we can do it!