February: The Month of Practicing Self-Love

It's February and, for those of us in Texas, typically this is the coldest month of the year. On the calendar, February may be the shortest month of the year but, because of the cold, February takes forever; it never ends!

Thanks to Valentine's Day, February is also the month of love, which can make it the harshest month of the year. This also means it is the month that we need to make sure we are practicing self-love – especially in front of our daughters.

When life gets tough, one of the first things we women tend to do is let go of our “Me Time” – the time we give ourselves to work out, get a pedicure or simply reconnect with ourselves.

Oh, ladies, this is not good. When times are tough, self-care is non-negotiable.

I am a yogi, tried and true. I will yoga-breathe my way through stress, nervousness and family dinners. A few days ago in yoga class, our instructor had us in a pose that I had never done before. This pose is a visual representation of life’s awkward struggles: the Froggy pose. Humiliation, thy name is Froggy. The yoga breathing was real with this pose. My body did not want to go into Froggy pose. But, as I willed myself to relax and breathe through the discomfort of Froggy, an image of my daughter’s face came to me – and I realized one of the best things I could do for her was teach her to breathe through the stress, discomfort and pain of life.

Self-care is breathing through life, finding your oxygen in order to care for yourself.

It's like the oxygen masks provided on commuter flights: you have to put yours on first before tackling them for your kiddos. You have to give yourself oxygen if you are going to adequately care for everyone else. Our girls need to learn this early so it won’t be such a struggle when they are adults. When our girls understand they need self-love, they comprehend the depth of their worth. Their confidence increases and their expectations rise in regard to how others should treat them. When you know you are worthy of self-love, you don’t mess around with jerks.

This month, let your daughter see you practice self-love. When your schedule gets tight, don’t feel guilted into sidelining your workout time or your alone time, or erasing happy hour with the girls from your calendar. Let your daughters see you go work out, take that extra-long bath, disappear in your room to read for an hour or get dolled up to hang with your girlfriends.

Let your daughter see how tenderly you care for yourself and encourage her to do the same. Teach her the importance of self-love. Take her out for some pampering, encourage her to get together with her friends, have a Galentine Party. Inspire her to love herself as much as you love her. Teach her the value of breathing in grace to get through the grit. Taking time for self-love should be as natural as breathing. Teaching our daughters to love themselves through life guarantees that they will make it through every harsh month – and every Froggy pose they encounter.