I think a lot about my story. Some moments I feel anger at my experiences, other moments I feel a profound sadness at the amount of time I spent lost. Other times I feel triumphant at coming through the darkness with still enough time to make amends. I tell bits and pieces of my past in uncomfortable pauses and shaky sentences. I am in a perpetual struggle between sharing too much and too little. However, when I open my spirit up and look around I realize every woman has a story. Every woman deserves to have her story told. And she should be able tell it without the anxiety or fear of judgement. Every woman has the right for her story to be celebrated. We have to celebrate each other and learn from each other. Ladies, we learn even from the grittiest, darkest, most awful parts of the story. It was in this realization I thought — what another great reason to create the Grace and Grit Boxes.
To be a strong woman, we must celebrate the stories of other women; we must learn from each other so we realize we aren’t alone; we must remember that we are a sisterhood.
What is your story? Don’t think it insufficient to share. Don’t downplay it or be ashamed of it. Write it down, tell it to a trusted friend. Own your story, for it has molded you and shaped you. When I think about it, I feel like my story is one long road trip that has gone through many twists, peaks and valleys.. I broke down so many times on my road trip and so many times someone had to pick me up. We all have those moments. Do you hear me? WE ALL HAVE THOSE MOMENTS. There were many times in my life that I just flat fell in the mud. Face down, humiliated, deafening embarrassment covering me with shame to the point I didn’t even have the pride to get up.  Thank goodness for the friend who came late at night and held me when I cried. She did this because she has a story too, and I held her when live took her into those deep valleys of sadness and defeat.
When we share our stories we empower each other. By sharing our histories, both the good and the bad, we remind one another that mistakes are part of life, failure is part of success and above all, we are not alone. , Pain escapes the spirit every time a woman shares her story. When you tell yours, you set another woman free. There is no strength and honor in pretend perfection, but there is perfect grace in opening yourself up so others may learn.
Start today, share, set your spirit open. Breathe in the grit that it takes to share and breathe out grace to the woman next to you so she can share hers. Talk. She is ready to learn.