How do we keep our kids feeling safe in a world that makes even adults feel so vulnerable? How do we live in faithful grace without letting worry fill us with fear? In light of recent events in the news I have been thinking a lot about resiliency and how to keep living a big life while still being safe at the same time. All of the bad stuff in the world yells so loudly, it tends to drown out all of the good.
Daughter and I talk. She asks why the world’s negativity seems to yell so loudly. I tell her the bad stuff has all the drama in it. I tell her, “you know at school who lack confidence so they create situations to make others feel weak and powerless?” Sometimes even the outside world can have people like that. People who don’t believe in themselves create false power in their orchestration of drama. But the good people, the girl or boy who stands up to the drama, they often unseen because they are cloaked in grace, and grace is humble and quiet.
There is always goodness, always grace to find. We have to point our girls to it, and teach them how to grab it.
I sit and watch television, looking at the world through the screen, and it’s all so negative. My daughter is scared, and who can blame her? As a parent, how do I teach her not to let the bad drown her out? I teach her that girls, working together can and will make a difference. Research states that when women are seen as equals and treated as equals, violent crime decreases, financial stability improves and societies have greater diversity and freedom to prosper socially and economically. These are the very things we need right now, and we have the means to raise empowered daughters to foster these actions.
We will teach our girls to listen to their inner voices and to say “no” to fear and “YES!” to confidence. We will teach them to become their own best friends, to be resourceful problem solvers, to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. We will teach them that being female is beyond a face and body, being a female is about mental, physical and emotional strength, and we will teach them that in times of need they will persevere.
When our girls realize the depth of their grit and the vastness of their grace, fear is nothing more than a passing emotion, not a way of life. Yes, the world feels vulnerable, but vulnerability is a means to sharpen our focus. Vulnerability is necessary to remind us that we have to be open as we set our girls on the path to empowering themselves. Even in trying times, there will be the opportunity for our young daughters to rise up and proclaim a better life for themselves.
I turned to my daughter after watching the news report and I smile, an opportunity for empowerment has been laid at your feet, I say. Pick it up, and go.