In 19 school days middle school will be over for my daughter, (not that I am counting or anything). Just 19 days. That would be a 1 and a 9. But until those 19 days are up, I can still pretend she really isn’t a teenager and I really don’t have only four years left of her “kid years” before she starts the whole “adult” thing with all its ups, downs and own set of growing pains.
We registered for high school several weeks ago, and I swear I thought we had accidentally started registering her for college. She had to pick something called an “endorsement” to begin the registration process. I had to think about this word endorsement — I think it is just a fancy word for “path” in this case. What path to graduation are you going to take? What type of classes are you going to choose? You can choose an automotive path, advanced math path, computer science, computer and technology, arts and humanities. There were so many paths to take. My head started swirling… this beautiful child of mine can’t decide what she wants from breakfast (Honey Nut or Lucky Charms, dear daughter — cereal or cereal this isn’t rocket science)! How at her tender age will she  will she decide on an endorsement?! Seems like a lot of pressure to this mom.
She circled Medical Science. Just like that. Oh dear Lord, MEDICAL SCIENCE? I mentally start yelling at her, “Daughter,that has all that science and math!”
She caught me staring at her in horror. “Mom, really? You always said do what you do best and I do math and science, plus sports, so?” Picture 14-year-old’s look of parental disgust, complete with eye roll. There is no cool recovery for a parent when the child proves to be the wiser of the two (picture parent shoulder shrug and a “whatever”).
Friends, I can’t even pretend to be good at numbers. I barely passed Chemistry in high school, took college algebra three times, and may have chosen my college major based on how many math classes I would have to take.
Isn’t it wild when our children have talents and abilities that surpass ours? My daughter loves math and science. In fact, when she was in elementary school she went to an Arts Academy. She loved the teachers and she loved the methodologies behind the teaching, but she never was completely comfortable at the school. Because I worked there and loved all things art and literature, she never said a word until we moved. Her first day at the new school,  she got in the car and said “Mom, this is where I belong. Kids here think it’s cool that I like math. I didn’t get made fun of or called a nerd and I wasn’t told math is for boys.”
I stared at her in that high school auditorium. She likes math and science. She is gonna be the next Marie Curie. I smile. Maybe daughter will be the next great rocket scientist, as soon as she decides which cereal she wants to eat.